The Books: By Series

Rescued Hearts Series
by Alexis Lusonne Montgomery

His Christmas Carole

Heroes of the West
by Crystal Green

The Cowboy's Secret

The Rancher's New Bride

The Outlaw's Promise

The Scoundrel's Inconvenient Bride

The Gambler's Surprise Bride

Cutter's Creek
by Kari Trumbo

A May Bride

Holston's Legacy

The Joneses of Morgan's Crossing
by Kit Morgan

Anson's Mail Order Bride

The Purchased Bride

An Unexpected Gift

Gifts of Love

Christmas With The Jonses

Copper Creek
by Kristy Phillips

Mine to Love

Entertainers of the West
by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Laced By Love

An Unlikely Marriage

Dance Toward the Light

Baling Wire Promises

Hearts in Rhythm

In His Corner

Love's Target

Chasing Adventure

The Fletchers
by Linnea Alexis

The Watchmaker and the Widow

Saving the Outlaw

Harper Ranch
by Louella Nelson

Rye's Reprieve

Rebel Love Song

Redemption Rose

Restless Heart

Dry Bayou Legacy
by Lynn Winchester



Slater's Bride
by Patricia Thayer

Slater's Bride

Quilting Bee Brides
by Shauna Roberts

Log Cabin: Erikka