The Purchased Bride

The Joneses of Morgan's Crossing: Book 2

Jess Jones was tired of being compared to his father, Ryder. So when his cousin Anson invited him to come to Morgan’s Crossing in the Montana Territory to help with his horse ranch, he jumped at the chance. But life in Morgan’s Crossing was different than that of his home in Clear Creek, Oregon, and he began to wonder if e’d made the right choice. That is, until he discovered a little something in Anson’s barn one morning …

Lillie Mayer wasn’t like other people, and she knew it. Worse, her father never let her forget it. He called her stupid more times than she could count and after the loss of her mother years before, even she marveled at how long she’d managed to stay with him. But enough was enough and so one day, Lillie ran and kept on running.