An Unexpected Gift

The Joneses of Morgan's Crossing: Book 3

Viola Todd and her two small children, Wylie and Katie, set out for Morgan’s Crossing, Montana to start a new life, but not without a few unexpected bumps along the way! For one, Viola’s absent-minded brother, Clarence, their reason for leaving Baker City, Oregon and moving in the first place, forgot to pick them up from the train station! Stranded in Sweetwater Springs, Viola didn’t know what to do! Thank heaven for Caleb White.

Caleb White had never set foot outside of Clear Creek and its surrounding prairie. But when offered a chance to work at the Jones Ranch in Montana, he jumped at it. He always dreamed of one day having his own horse ranch, and this job was one step closer to making his dream a reality. Then, he saw her. The beautiful widow and her two children were a delight to travel with, not to mention rescue when her forgetful brother forgot her! But Caleb couldn’t afford to get attached, no matter how pretty, kind and sweet she was. His new position at the Jones ranch was all that mattered if he was to get what he wanted. But sometimes, unexpected things happen …