Christmas with the Jonses

The Joneses of Morgan's Crossing: Book 5

Colson Hunter had a plan, and it didn't include a starving widow and two neighboring children. But that's what he got stuck with when his plans came to naught. Then again, "stuck" might not be the best way to put it. After all, he was the one that got himself shot, found by the waifs, and was now at the mercy of the Widow Bright. If not for her tender loving care he'd be dead.
Maybe everyone else would be better off is he was...

Merry Bright didn't have much – unless you counted the cow, her only possession of value. But a winter spent living off cow's milk alone wasn't appealing. The alternative even less so. But to make matters worse, now she had a big, hulking stranger to take care of! What else could possibly go wrong in her world?