Log Cabin: Erikka

Quilting Bee Brides: Book 1

Erikka Jensen lives in poverty with her father, abusive stepmother, and five little brothers. Worked like a mule, criticized and beaten by her stepmother, and ignored by her beloved father, she has no solace but the neighbor’s weekly quilting bee. She’s determined to earn enough money to escape her harsh life on a prairie farm and move to a big city.

Grieving the death of his wife, Haywood Henry Tate leaves his wealthy Chicago family and moves to Sweetwater Springs, Montana, to pursue his long-held dream of living in the West on his own terms. To learn about farming, Haywood goes to work at the Jensen homestead.

An instant attraction between Haywood and Erikka begins to grow into love. But their goals conflict, and there seems to be no way that they can fulfill their individual dreams and be together.