When the Heart Heals

My Heart: Book 3

Phoebe Cooke had finally achieved her heart’s desire of becoming a doctor, in spite of her father’s opposition. Even the man who had claimed to love her and asked her hand in marriage couldn’t support her strongest and natural desire to become a doctor. Leaving her mother and siblings along with her world, Phoebe faces the fear of the unknown to embrace the opportunity to fulfill her dreams.

Jase Roberts had a thriving business with his beautiful wife, until cattle rustlers viciously murdered her. Now he's a Pinkerton detective whose sole purpose in life is to find her killers and dole out the raging revenge that's consuming him.

No one can question Phoebe’s determination of becoming the best doctor Silverberry greatly needs, but will following her doctor’s oath to treat anyone, including thieves and murderers cost her everything? Revealing the truth and opening their hearts will allow Jase and Phoebe the healing they need to begin a future together.